Twitterfeed – A BlogPost Social Media Auto Publish Platform

Autopublishing post from your blog to social networks can be of great advantages. You need not to worry about publishing your post and rushing down to Paste the blog Link on your Blog fanpage or twitter page. As when you’ve followed the steps outlined in this post, your blog post links will be automatically published on facebook and twitter too.

Moresoever if you’re publishing a lot of posts daily, it will make sharing of post on social networks faster and easier.

How Do I Autopublish My Blogpost to Social Networks

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Login with your email address and password or sign up to become a member

Step 3: After login to your dashboard, click on Create New Feed

Step 4: Enter Feed Name, Blog Url e.g or or RSS Feed Url

Step 5: If you want further configuration settings, click on Advanced Settings

Step 6: Now Click on Continue to Step 2, It will show you the List of social Networks available. Click on the one you want and connect it with your blog then you are good to go!

Attention: Twitterfeed has shut its doors as of Oct. 31st 2016; But you can use for your autoposting;)

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