How To Add Google Adsense In-Feed ads & In-Article ads On Your Blog

Google Adsense had now added a new form of ads unit for all Adsense users to apart from the Text & display ads which had been there before!
   This new ad units called in-feed ads and in-article ads would allow publishers to implement a new means of increasing their revenue and also offering more visiblity to google ads.

How To Add Google Adsense In-Feed ads and In-Article ads To Your Site

1. All you have to do is Go to your adsense dashboard
2. Click on Ad units
3. Now scroll and click on New ad units
(You will be shown the below picture)

4. Now choose from the newly introduced ad units and follow the instructions that follows;)

Have you tried these new ad units?
Which one do you like out of the two?
Feel free ti share your thoughts below

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