How To Access YahooMail on Mobile

Yahoo Mail is a Service just like gmail, hotmail, microsoft outlook and others which allows user to send message, documents and attachments (files) to one another. Lately i send an email to one of my friend using yahoo mail and for 2days i didnt saw his reply. I then called him on phone and asked him that “did he saw my email?“. He said “he isn‘t connected to pc and it would be like 4hrs later before he could be able to.
Later on, i discovered he had access to mobile internet but his thought was “Yahoo mail can only be viewed on PC“. After the incidence, i then decide to publish the yahoo mail for mobile tutorial online for those who might not know.

1. Visit on your mobile device.

2. Enter your User ID and password and click on Login


If the screen shows “your account can‘t be showed on mobile, visit PC View“. Dont panic. Just follow the below instructions:

Step 1: Login your account on a PC and do do some things like (check your inbox, send email) for a few minutes.
Step 2: Then follow the previous Instructions.
I hope am able to help. Feel free to leave comment.

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  1. Great post. I have tried this severally but I have not been able to open my e-mail on my phone. It keeps saying 'yahoo login error'. I will keep trying though.

    Well done Admin.

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