Alt and Ctrl Computer Keyboard Shortcuts A – F.

Keyboard Shortcuts are combination of two or more keys which perform a specific task when used without involving the mouse. Since their interception, they’ve been helping users in making task lots more easier and faster [I guess thats why most Mobile Phones nowadays are built with “computer-like-keyboard” 😉 ]

Though there are wide varieties of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to perform different functions, i’ll love to start with the basics 🙂 Today we’ll start with the Ctrl Keys + Alt Keys.

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl A – F.

  1. Ctrl + A – Using the Ctrl plus the A keyboard simultaneously highlights all text, images, documents or any other files in the specific area that the cursor is. In case of a textbox; it highlights all text in the box, In a page; highlights all in the page and co.
  2. Ctrl + B – You can use this shortcut to bold a text like this. You’ll have to highlight the specific text first before pressing this keys in order to be able to bold the text.
  3. Ctrl + C – You can use this shortcut to copy a text, Image, or files from one place to another. Just like that of No #2 Shortcut, you’ll have to highlight the text you want to copy first [if its a file, click on it ] before using this Shortcut.
  4. Ctrl + D – This Perform either two options depending on where you are. If you’re on a webpage, it can be used to “Bookmark” the page. Whilst if you’re on Microsoft Word document, pressing this shortcut will open the “font window”.
  5. Ctrl + E – This works mainly for text as it Centers text. When typing a document; words usually starts from the left to the right, but with this shortcut you can start your own text from the center or highlight a particular text if you intend to Center a specific text.
  6. Ctrl + F – This shortcut can be used to search up a text or files. When pressed, it opens up a “find window” which you can enter the text or file you’re looking for.

The Alt Shortcut Functions

  1. Alt + F4 – Want to close a current program, simply use this key to. Whether its a webpage, games, application or even a documents, by pressing this shortcut, It will close the program.
  2. Alt + Enter – Once an item is selected, this shortcut opens the properties for the particular item. The item can be an Image, Music, Document, folder e.t.c
  3. Alt + Tab – Are you having more than two open programs in your window? use this shortcut to switch between them.
  4. Alt + F -This is used to open File Menu Options in a Current Program.

Using this shortcuts mentioned above frequently will helps in increasing your productivity as you feel in control and become more proficient when using your computer.
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