How To Hide Whatsapp Chat and Protect Sensitive Information

Whatsapp is a micro social media application which allows you to chat with your loved ones fast and free. However if you have some personal or business chat you don’t want people to see; then you can learn how to hide Whatsapp chat here

hide whatsapp chat

While Whatsapp is actually a very fast and easier means of communicating with friends and family; one also needs to be cautious most especially via sensitive information when using it. Let’s take for instance; sending someone your DEBIT Card details including the PIN through Whatsapp.

Now assume an acquaintance stumbled upon your Whatsapp chat and found out about the DEBIT card details; he might use it for selfish fraudulent reasons. Unknowingly to you; you won’t know to the extent of which the acquaintance fellow might use the information.

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And who knows; maybe the information wouldn’t even be about Debit Card details but something much more sensitive.

However it is and without further ado; lets cut the chase and go straight to the point.

How You Can Hide Your Whatsapp Chat

To hide your Whatsapp Chat; all you need to do is Archive the chat you want to Hide. To Archive a chat; all you need to do is Long press on that chat and select the Archive icon.

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To show the chat back; all you need to do is Remove from Archive the chat. You can find the list of chats you Archive at the bottom of your Whatsapp Contact List



  • Protects Sensitive Information; In this information Age, it is very important to be wary of the information we shared. As if it falls in a wrong hand; can cause


  • You can find it a little bit confusing hiding and showing your chat. Hence if an information is not so that sensitive; you shouldn’t bother hiding it.

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