Social Networking Done Harm More Than Good?

At first, i do not want to talk about this cos i felt like going against the norms but if you’re able to read this post, that means i did manage to publish the post anyhow;)
     It all started when recently a younger sis in my neighbourhood came to me and said, she was selected to participate in a debate on harms of Social Media.

After being through in helping her with the ideas and write-up, i decided to share her view and my opinion on Netsocialblog -the social media blog.

What is Social Media?

Social Media is simply a website or an application that is designed majorly to be used for connecting and interacting with each other.
According to the write-up, Below are some harms of Social Networking;

  • Is it not the social networking app called 2go that makes a young boy whom exam date is near, to sacrifice his study-time for something less?
  • Or was it not too much unnecessarily use of facebook which causes a Girl to mistake Kerosene for Oil when cooking?
  • Likewise the sad incidence of the Story of Amanda Todd.
  • … this and others to mention few.

However despite the disadvantages, i still think Social Networking had done more good than harm.
  From my own perspective, Not only that it had helped in CONNECTING with people from all over the continent BUT it has also make it “easier & Lots faster” to learn about each other Languages and Cultures.
If you still do not believe me, am gonna give you 2 strong points that you can hardly resist. Are you Ready?

  1. According to Mr AdeKunle Kazeem, he did metion that “he met his childhood friend through social media after 20years of departing from each other!
  2. How about the Populous BOSS of Mavins RECORDS; DON JAZZY discovering one of the mavins crew -REEKADO BANKS on twitter as stated on Basic Introduction to Using Twitter Productively.

Apart from the above Reasons, i personally was able to meet my first PEN-PAL; Sanjana Gujral from India who taught me few HINDI greetings through social media.
    Although our meeting was short-lived as Eskimi – the nigerian social website we used to communicate back then, banned her account because of a little unknown mistake she’d made (changed her dp to an anime-photo).

Now, Whats your own thought on this?
Do you think Social Networking Had Done More Harm Than Good?

0 thoughts on “Social Networking Done Harm More Than Good?

  1. I personally do not think that Social Networking has Done Harm More Than Good. Social networking brought I and the admin of this informative site together. The main thing is that we should be moderate in how we do things. Too much of everything is bad. There should be check and balances.

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