Gmail – Its Powerful Features And How To Create One.

While creating a gmail account might seems simple to some people, the case does not apply to all as one of my friend tries to do it but was unable to. Though the email was later created by another person for her but i felt the need to post the Do-It-Yourself(DIY) tutorial on it so that she and others people out there might be able todo it by themselves especially when it comes to emergency and there’s no-one around to help.
     But before i do that let me take you around and show you the Powerful features Google Email possess.

Gmail is an email service from Google which allows you to send and receive mails just like other email service provider like Yahoomail and co. But one thing i loved about gmail is its ability to open in mobile browser without exception unlike Yahoomail which doesn’t open on Ucbrowser. Though i explain in a post on How to access Yahoomail on Mobile but if you’re the type that does not want to go through the stress, i recommend having a gmail account.
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Now Lets take a look into the powerful features of having a gmail account. With a single Google mail, you can:

*. Possess a Google+ Profile.

*. Create a free blog of yours hosted on Google.

*. Send and Receive Mails.

*. Have a storage device of yours (called google drive) for saving pictures, files, musics and videos.

*. Easily create a Youtube account for uploading and sharing videos.

*. And Lots More.

Now that i’ve shown you the powerful features of Gmail, let gets started on the main point of this post:
How To Create a Gmail Account.
Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Once the page has load up, click on Create an account.

Step 3: Fill in the form which includes your
the username you would like to be which will be [email protected],
password (try combining alphabet with letters to make it secure),
Mobile Number(make sure the number is available with you),
Enter the captca code( a code displayed in a box),
Your Location (i.e country)
And other required fields.

Step 4: After you’re done with that, click on the Next Step to complete the registration.

Note: A verification might be required to complete your email registration, so make sure your Mobile Number is with you and powered on.

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