Fresh Bulk Sms – Sending Sms With Any Sender Id Made Easier

Do you want to send sms to someone or a large group of people with a custom sender id? If yes, FreshBulkSms is an awesome latest bulk sms nigeria website to do so!
Just incase you’re new to the concept of Bulk Sms, am going to explain to you as you read this post likewise mention its benefits.
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

Bulk Sms is simply an extension of the popular short messaging service (sms) but unlike a typical sms, Bulk Sms has an extensive benefits like; it allows you to send sms using a customised sender id, ability to send to a large numbers of people, can be sent from either a computer or mobile device, and LOTS MORE!

At FreshBulkSms.Com – Latest BulkSms Nigeria Website, Below are some of the Special Features which you can enjoy from the Bulk Sms Site;

  • For Individuals – If you are an Individual, you can use the bulk sms for anything you want, be it for personal or professional as FreshBulkSms allows you to conveniently send sms to your friends for greetings, or to your business partners.
  • Entrepreneurs – Being an entrepreneur, you can easily notify your customers about latest products or services using FreshBulkSms to send them notifications with your brand name as SENDER ID.
  • For Corporate Bodies – Corporate Bodies and Organization like Schools, Mosques, Churches, Societal Club, etcetera can also inform members about events, meetings, gathering or any form of information using the FreshBulkSms.Com Portal.
  • Bulk Sms 247 Online – Whether you wanted to send a morning customised sms to your friends, an important updates to your customers in the noon, or the next meeting to members at night, You NEED NOT TO WORRY as FreshBulkSms strives to be always available whenever you need it.
  • Instant Delivery – Imagine sending an sms to someone in the morning, and the sms was later delivered at night! I bet you wouldn’t be feel comfortable about that, would you?
    This is why FreshBulkSms ensures your messages gets delivered INSTANTLY to your recipient so they can be informed ASAP.
  • Free Credits On First Signup – Did you know that When you register on FreshBulkSms, you would be granted FREE CREDITS which you can use to send sms using your customised name? This is to allow you have a taste of the bulk sms site.
    Note => Once you’ve used up the FREE CREDITS been given to you on first sign up at FreshBulkSms, you would have to purchase additional sms units before you can be able send sms again.

=> You can also earn money from the BulkSms Website simply by working on behalf of Entrepreneurs, Corporate Bodies or Organizations. For more information about this, leave a comment on this post or contact the details at the end of this post.
=> So what are you waiting for? Goto and starts Enjoying the Real Benefits of an interesting BulkSms Nigerian Website Now!
For more info, contact Hezekiel Olajide on +2349091217028

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  1. In recent years Bulk sms services are one of the best marketing tool for promotion of services

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