Free or Custom Domain – Which One Should I Use?

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There has been recently peaceful contest;) between free domain and custom domain as to which one is the best in which i’ve decided to use this post to settle the matter.*lol*
The thing is Free Domain is good but if you really want the best for your blog, i recommended getting a custom domain.

So why do i recommend you to get a domain for your blog?

why custom domain
Like i said earlier free domain is good and can be helpful but the fact still remains the same that custom domain rules over free domain.

To cut the story short, lets head over to the advantages of both the two in which you’re to decide which one suit you better.

*. Free Domain Advantages.
What Does Free Domain Name Means? – Free domain just as its name implies means you get a domain for free which is usually yourname.(hostname).com, for example,, and co.

1) You have not to worry about renewing your domain nor your domain name *expiring+ as it is free forever (except your hostname gives up;) which is 80% impossible.
2) Unlike what most people think, its possible for your blog to become popular on *free domain*. Even though it isn’t guaranteed but there is possibility of it. Take for instance,, 17 out of Top 100 wp blogs) and others to mention few.

*. Custom Domain Advantages.
What does Custom Domain Means? – Custom Domain simply means customizing your blog’s domain by purchasing a domain. It can be,,, and others.

1. Custom Domain makes your blog looks good on the internet and also makes it sound professional when you want to share it with someone or somewhere. Try Comparing to, you would notice there is a big difference.
2. Trusted than Free Domain – If your blog is to be used for official or business purposes, i’d recommend you get a custom domain. This allows your clients or customer to trust you more than your blog bearing the name of a free domain.
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3. Ability to Retrieve your blog when Hacked or being Deleted – Just incase your blog gets hacked or being deleted, you can easily restored it back since you’re on a custom domain.

4. Get a personalized email address – On Custom Domain, you can create a personalized email address. For example if your blog is, you can make your email address as *yourname*

From the Author’s Desk: Having known what a Free and Custom Domain is and their advantages, i hope you must have arrive on which one to choose. However i’d advise to use the Custom Domain because of its numerous advantages.
If you would like to be on the free domain, click here to read my post on how to create one for free and if you have already had one, you can hire me here to change to .com for you.

Happy blogging.

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  1. You only get serious with a free domain if it's earning you some cash. Otherwise you will abandon it unlike a custom domain as you'll be spending your money to renew it and thus be serious with it.

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