For Gamers: Disadvantages of Playing Games

In my last post on Gaming, i mention about ‘What Gaming is and the Benefits of it’, if you missed the post Click Here to read about it. But Today i would like to talk about the Disadvantages of Gaming.

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Even though Gaming had benefits but it also have some negative influence which might cause to the gamer. This disadvantages do occurs mostly when a Gamer has become addicted to Gaming. Below are some points listed to be the side-effects of gaming
Disadvantages of Gaming
#1 Addiction: – Too much of everything isn’t good- People would say, This also applies to Gaming. When you spent too much of your time on playing games, Unknowingly you might become addicted to it. And the worst thing about addiction is; you focus less on things that Matter at that particular time like Eating, reading & others. Its might leads to prolonged fatigueness, general weakness, emotional stress, and others. Infact on a Tv programme called ‘1000 ways to die’, there was a guy who died from playing video games for more than 24hrs Non-stopping.
#2 Wasting of Time: We are all blessed with two gifts naturally. – Our time & talent -. The time is the most important resource of all as it is the only one that when lost can never be regained. Some people out there spend more than half a day and 6 times a week on Gaming Just for Fun. Thats totally absurd! While Gaming could be stress-relieveing, it could also cause you physical and emotional stress when you play it Hard. Be Time-concious
#3 Negative Moral Influencing: There are some games, gamers(especially kids) should be concious of when playing them as they have impact on the gamer. In my last post on gaming; i said Games like puzzle have positive impact as they increase your IQ otherwise Games like Violence could be dangerous for kids. Kids might want to be trying out what is happening the game,things like fighting, throwing of things, playing with sharp or dangerous object and so on.

I rest my Pen here.

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