Whatsapp Contacts Showing Numbers Instead Of Names? [How To Fix It]

WhatsApp is a social media application which allows you to communicate with your friends and family via Text, Voice and Video calls in an instant. It works by synchronizing your phone contacts so as to see which of your contact you can connect with via WhatsApp.

However if your WhatsApp is not showing contact names but only showing contact numbers, or none of your contacts are not showing in an Android Phone, then you might have a little bit trouble in using the App. This is majorly because if WhatsApp is showing only your contact numbers instead of names, you might not easily recognize the person you’re chatting with except it’s a number you’re familiar with.


Why Do WhatsApp Show Contact Phone Numbers Instead Of Names?

There are different and a lot of reasons why your WhatsApp might be showing contact numbers instead of contact names, the most obvious one could be when you happen to format your phone.

How To Fix WhatsApp Not Showing Contact Names In Android Phone

If you would like to fix the issue of Contact names not showing on your WhatsApp in Android Phone that is; Seeing numbers instead of contacts’ names, All you have to buy generic ativan do is synchronizing WhatsApp with your Phone-book. This is done by allowing allowing WhatsApp to access your contacts and via the below method.

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How Can I Allow WhatsApp To Access My Contacts?

Like we mentioned above that you’ll need to synchronize your contacts to WhatsApp so as to allow WhatsApp show contact names instead of numbers, below is how you can do it.

Step 1: Tap the MENU button and Goto Settings
Step 2: Scroll down to AccountsWhatsApp
Step 3: Now click on WhatsApp. And then press the “option” at the top right of the page
Step 4: Click on Remove Account
Step 5: After the above Step 1-4, Now follow the below instructions

Step 6: After you’ve done that, Open your WhatsApp Application
Step 7: Click on “Contacts”, and then Press Menu and “Refresh”

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