Gmail Not Working or Opening on Chrome? Here’s How To Fix It

Have you ever tried to access your gmail or google homepage on your browser but it just wouldn’t load up. You’ve tried everything you could – checking your internet connection, uninstalling and installing the browser, trying another means of connecting to the internet, and etc but still would not work? On this article; I’ll be showing you what to do when you gmail is not working, loading or opening in your chrome or any other PC browser.

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Recently I’ve been having issues with my Google chrome as well as Firefox browser trying to load; and open Gmail. Of course; if it is a non-famous website, i would have thought the issue is from the website itself. But in this case of Gmail; i was convinced, the fault had to be somewhere in my PC.


How To Fix Gmail not Working or Opening in Google Chrome

After several attempts and research; i was finally able to resolve it and make Gmail starts working and opening on android, and PC. Below are some methods i suggest you can use to resolve the issue in case you’re facing it

1. Checking your Internet Connection

Sometimes when you having issues with anything internet connection; it could be related to the device you’re using to connect to the internet. So you might want to double check your Modem, Hotspot, WIFI connections or whatever you’re using for internet connection.

If you did tried that and still didn’t work? Then See Next


2. Remove all Browsers Extensions

Extensions are an additional feature which helps to add more functionality to your browser. If you have installed some extensions recently to your browser; it could be that one or two of these are preventing your browser from loading Google or Gmail.

All you have to do is ensure you remove all extensions from your browser. Then try to access Gmail again. If that does not work, move on to Option #3


3. Re-installing your browser

At first when the issue started; I had thought the bug was from my browser. At that time I was using just Google chrome browser and Firefox and when the issue keep persisting and it just wouldn’t work; I sort to uninstalling my PC browser.
I uninstalled the two browsers and started a FRESH installation. So you might also wanted to try to uninstall your Internet browsers to see whether there would be some changes.

After re-installing; ensure you also did follow Option #2. IF that also failed to work; then check the Below and FINAL Solution



I called this the Final Solution simply because it was EXACTLY what I used to fix my own PC browser bug unable to open Gmail. And what’s that solution?

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After making several attempts and trying all I could do; I discovered it was the antivirus program am using that’s blocking my browser from opening Google Mail.
So all I did was disabling the ANTIVIRUS program (the Web Shield) for a while to see how things will work and IT WORKS PERFECTLY!



Trying to access a website and having issues with it is a frustrating experience. I’ve been there and I know how hard it can be. However with these 4 tips I mentioned above; you are guaranted to resolve the issue of your browser not opening Gmail or Google.
If any of these did not work; feel free to leave a comment and I will try to reply as soon as I can.

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