Recently I’ve been having issues trying to access Gmail as well as other websites on my PC but the website wouldn’t just show up. The error that in which i got response was ERR SSL VERSION Interference.

fix err_ssl_version_interfence

The error was so frustrating that i didn’t know what else i could do to fix it – Reason being i had ran out of many options. Initially everything was working fine but suddenly the issue popped out of nowhere.

It affect most of Google products and prevents me from accesing sites like; Gmail and some other important website. At first; i thought it was a glitch that is going to come for a while and then go away but unfortunately, it did not

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This kept me wondering what could have cause the problem. After trying different methods, i was able to finally resolve it but before showing you the final resolve; Below are some of the solutions I’ve tried;

Some of the Solutions to Fix Error in SSL Version Interference

  • I flushed out my Google chrome whole browsing history but the issue still persists
  • Tried to use another browser which is Firefox
  • Deleted my browser and re-download same Google browser

But none works.


After making different attempts in which none of it works, i was able to finally see an everlasting information which resolve the whole issue.

Finally – i discovered the issue was from the Antivirus program on my Personal Computer. I was using Avast Antivirus program at that time and when i finally disable it; it resolves the whole issue.


BOTTOM LINE: It could be some other thing that is preventing your browser from loading it up, but however the major issue could be one of the software that which you installed on your PC – perhaps the Antivirus program, for instance.

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