How To Fix Debit Card Not Working For Online Transactions

Have you been having trouble trying to use your debit card to make payments online?

In this article, you’ll get to discover the three best solutions on how you can make payment online without any hassle.

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The internet has indeed made the world a global village as not only people are now more connected than before through social media platforms, but also some certain things can now be easily done unlike before!

Taking for instance; Online Shopping had made it easier for people to easily buy things on the Internet right from the comfort of their room and have those products shipped directly to their doorstep.

Post Intermission: The History of Online Shopping and How Online Shopping Works

However, there seem to be certain cases whereby your ATM card might fail to make payment on the Shopping Website. Although sometimes, your card might be declined for no reason but however In this article; you’ll get to discover why and the solutions

Why Is My Debit Card Not Working For Online Payment, Purchases and Transactions?

  • Not Activated For Online Transactions – You might be experiencing some issues trying to make payment online if your card is not enabled for online transactions.
  •  Not Enabled For International Payment – This could Perhaps your card might be working for online purchases but having trouble only with international transactions.

Whichever of the trouble you are facing from the above, below are 3 Ways that which you can solve your card not working online.

How to Fix, Activate & Use Your Debit Card For Online Payment and Transactions

  1. Activate Your Debit Card For Online Payment – Before you can be able to use some certain card for online transactions; you might need to activate it for online payment first; . If you haven’t activate it for online transactions; you can read the article on How To Activate Your Debit Card For Online Transaction.
  2. Walk in to your Financial Institution/Card Issuer For solution – If after activating it for online transactions, your Debit card could still not work, you can contact your Debit card Issuer for support. If the Debit card was issued to you by a banking institution, you can walk into the bank, talk to the customer support about it and they will help you with activating your Debit card for online transactions.
  3. Use A Virtual card Instead [The Most Simplest Method] – A Virtual card works in a similar way like a Physical Debit card; except for the fact that you can’t touch it – but you can use it. With a Virtual card, you can easily perform online transactions both local and international payment.
    Did i mention you can even withdrew funds from a Virtual card to your local bank account too?!

Want to get a Virtual Debit Card?

N.B – You can easily order and get a Virtual Debit card without having to walk into a bank.

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