Fix AjaxURL has NOT been defined Error in WordPress

If you have been having a bug alert on your WordPress site frontend showing an “Ajax_object is not defined”, this article will show you how to fix AjaxURL has not been defined error in WordPress.

fix AjaxURL has not been defined
fix AjaxURL has not been defined

WordPress is a fantastic CMS software that powers a lot of amazing websites on the Internet nowadays. However, with great power, they say comes great responsibility. While WordPress although has a lot of features, it can also sometimes be a burden most especially if you don’t know how to navigate your way around the platform.

In this article; we’ll be taking a look at one of the likely errors you might encounter while using your Self-Hosted WordPress Website.


How to Fix AjaxURL has not been defined in WordPress

I encounter this error some times ago and it took me a while before  I was able to fix this. If you’re also facing similar issues, then this article might help you solve it.

While there are several reasons that might cause this – such as plugins conflicting with one another, I was able to fix it simply by deactivating and uninstalling the WP Cache plugin.

So if you are facing similar issues too, all you need to do is delete WP cache.


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