How To Convert Email To PDF in Gmail

Is there a certain important document or conversation in your Gmail inbox that you would like to have readily within your reach without having to go through the hassle of logging in to your inbox? On this article, we would be sharing with you an awesome gmail tips on how to convert your gmail to PDF

Gmail is a free emailyo service written in Java, developed by Google and launched in April 1st 2004. The email service had a very huge users as according to Gmail Wikipedia Page, Gmail is said to have 1.4 billion users around April 2018.

With Gmail, you can easily send likewise receive email from anywhere in the world using the web to access the email service or third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

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However if you are an existing user of Gmail, there must have been a certain email in your dashboard, an important conversation, or some useful info in your dashboard that you would like to have within your reach so you can be able to check it anytime.

Although you could have gone for the process of saving that exact Webpage for Offline access use later, but by saving and exporting your email to PDF, you would be saving space and at the same time, you’d be able to read it from your mobile devices or any of your portable device that supports PDF. So now the question is; how can you export gmail emails to PDF?


How To Convert Gmail Emails To PDF

  • Login to your Gmail Dashboard
  • Open the email that which you’d like to convert to PDF
  • At the top left of the message, click on “Print”


  • At the left options, change the “Destination” from Printing to “Save as PDF”
  • Now click on SAVE!

After done that, your PDF file will begin downloading and you can now get to use it whenever and wherever you are. If you had any trouble doing this, feel free to leave a comment below

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