How To Export Google Analytics Data/Reports For Clients

If you own a blog and you’d like to see how well it is going; or you want to share reports with a client, then you can read how to export Google Analytics data and/or reports on this article.

Google Analytics is an analytics service – one of Google’s Services which allows you to measure and track your website reports traffic. Analytics allow you to see your most important analytics data first thus enabling you to know more about your audiences.


5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google Analytics Data

  1. Allow you to track where most of your audiences are coming from
  2. Know your best performing articles as well as the worse
  3. Track your website bounce rates
  4. Discover where your visitors are coming from
  5. Determine the countries where the best of your readers are from

And more..

The advantages are unlimited.

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Is Google Analytics Free?

Google Analytics is absolutely free to use. It doesn’t require any setup fee or monthly charges. To get started in using analytics for your website; visit Analytics.Google.Com


How To Export Google Analytics Data/Reports

Step 1. Login to your Google Analytics Dashboard

(If you do not have one; you can signup in minutes)


Step 2. After login to your dashboard; at the left side, Click on Audience.


Step 3. Then click on Overview just below the Audience

(After the page had laden up; follow the next step below)


Step 4. At the top right corner; Click on Export and your reports will start downloading

See screenshot below for steps



What Can You Do With The Reports Generated?

You can decide to share it with your clients.

Or Perhaps you can use it to monitor your site’s growth


And thats how to export your Google analytics data

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