Easy Way To Define Internet and Internet Browsers

The word ‘Internet’ is a popular terms being used frequently so much that hardly will you meet someone who will said puzzling: Whats an Internet? Am not saying the whole planet knew about Internet though, as a matter of fact, i’ve came across 1 or two person that displays either Curious or Indifference face when i asked if they’ve heard about something called Internet.

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Likewise some people including me who knew what an Internet is might finds it so hard to explain to other people in a way that they’ll easily understand. But Recently i discovered the easiest definition of Internet that even a 9year old Child would be able to understand what it is. Now Lets get started:

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Before we proceed to what an Internet is, allow me to introduce to you briefly about something called “a Network” as its very important if we’re to decipher what an Internet is.

In my Country especially city, when you ask an average citizen what a Network is, the most likely response you’ll get is;
“You Mean Network Providers like GLO, MTN, ETISALAT, AIRTEL, blah blah….”
To be candid, This what i would have also said years ago when i knew little about Internet and Computing but Technologically and based on Computer definition, a Network is simply a sort of *device* which when connected with physical cable or Wireless Connection allows users being connected to share data, files, information with one another Hence we can define Networking as simply the sharing of data between Users.

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Having known what a Network is, i deem we’re now fit to go on to know about Internet.

What Is an Internet.

The Internet is simply the the Master of All Networks. It rules over all other Networks, thus you can also call it “the King of all Networks”.
It is refered to as the King of All Networks because of its Wireless Connection which is quite extensive and the Location Coverage which is Unlimited!

*. With Internet, you don’t need to connect cables from your house to a friend or loved ones’ home before you can share Information with each other as the Connection is Wireless.

*. Unlike a Network which is limited to specific location (for wired cable connection) and covers larger area (wireless connection), The Internet covers the largest distance i.e covers the Whole Continent.

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After knowing what an Internet is, one must be aware that without an Internet Browser it won’t be possible to Use the Internet.

What is an Internet Browser?

An Internet browser is simply an application whether Built-In or Installed App that allows you to access the Internet in order to be able to Read and/or Share data, files, Information to people.
The Built-In is simply the browser that comes with the device whilst Installed Ones is the one downloaded before Use e.g Firefox, Google Chrome, Ucweb, and others.

So Next time someone asks you what an Internet is; am sure you would be able to explain to them in easy-to-know full details and also goto the extra mile of letting them know about Internet browser. By explainning in this way, they will perspect you as a Professor in INTERNETology *lol*
Do you have your own definition of the Internet? Be Kind enough to share with me via the comment box.

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