The Easiest Way To Sharing Blog Links On Instagram

Sharing is Caring;
Is there a cuter and faster way to share your blog posts apart from Social Media?
 I don’t think so

Well, I understand that there are other several methods to share your posts like; you can decide to share to your email subscribers or via some other proven methods apart from Social Media but then its incomparable.

     In one word; Social Media is the fastest way to talk about your site likewise grow its visibility. On this post, i’ll be talking about that of Instagram and how you can share links on the platform.


Instagram is a social network platform which allow its users to share photos and video instantly. However the downside of this platform for bloggers is that you cannot include links in your status be it a photo or video unlike Facebook and Twitter.
   But do you know that there is an easier way to share link on your Instagram social platform?!

All you have to do is copy the LINK you wanted to share and paste it in your profile bio. Then upload a photo that relates with that link and tell users to check more about it via the link on your bio

  Taking the case of this post for example =>
*.  I’d first paste the link on my Instagram profile
*. Then Upload the picture with this snippet “See the Easiest Way to Share Links On Instagram, Read more via the LINK in my bio”

And thats it!
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Sharing is Caring;

7 thoughts on “The Easiest Way To Sharing Blog Links On Instagram”

  1. Great post all the way! This is some kind of tactic though!

    But there is another way I do this without having to share the links but sharing it stylishly Lol.

    I design an image for almost every of my blog post with its title and my blog banner.

    I share that on instagram and thats all.

    Now see how it works below.

    1. I share the image on instagram
    2. Users see the title in the image
    3. They also see where to get that information for example. An image with 101 list of Nigerian Blogs that accept guest posts (with my blog logo).

    To get this, they simply go to Google and search using this term '101 list of Nigerian Blogs that accept guest posts

    That way I get more traffic from Google.

    Hope you get it.

    1. That too does work bro but like i stated earlier in this post "the easiest way of sharing" 😉

      Most readers won't be patient enough to search on Google and if they does, they might forgot to add your url to the keyword thus showing them results from another website instead of yours

      But i believe the steps mentioned in this post is like A,B and C. You upload an Image, People goto your profile and they click on it.

      Thanks for the contribution bro:)

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