DU Recorder – Best Screen Recorder App For Android With Internal Audio

Have you ever wanted to show a tutorial about something from your Android device to a friend who is not nearby but wonder how you can do that? Well, the best way I think you can do it is by using a screen recording android app!
With millions of Android application at Google Play Store, I know it can be a little bit difficult to choose and select the one that rocks well. But after trying one of the screen recording apps called DU Recorder, I found it totally cool and highly recommend it!


DU Recorder is an Android Productivity Media Application which not only allows you to do Screen Recording but also to be able to perform some other multipurpose media tasks. Although before I stumbled upon the app, I was merely looking for something to use as a Screen Recording App to make some tutorials video directly from my android phone.
Fortunately, the DU Recorder app not only makes my wish come true but also came with some other functionality like;

1. Editing Video: With the App, you can edit both old and new videos from your phone to make it rocks better. You can decide to add background images, subtitles, music, trim video length, and/or append a signature image at the end of the video!

2. Merge Videos/Images: Do you have multiple videos or images you would like to stitch together? DU Recorder app makes that lots more easier for you too without advanced technical know-how

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3. Video to GIF: If you do not or only have a blur idea of what GIF means, GIFs are simply the pictures you saw online which displays in form of an animation. If you have a cute short video, you can use DU App to convert the video to App

4. Edit Image: Apart from Editing Videos, you can also use DU Recorder to edit your favorite images to make it looks better

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an app for screen recording via your Android device, I recommend you give DU Recorder a try. It works well and does not slow down your phone
If you have a different app which you use for Screen Recording on your phone, you can share with us using the comment box below.
Also if you had use DU Recorder before, feel free to share your experience 🙂

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0 thoughts on “DU Recorder – Best Screen Recorder App For Android With Internal Audio”

  1. @Emmanuel

    Oops.. And i've been using the app for some months now, didn't notice that. Infact it might take more than 48hrs before i finally find time to use the Videos for my purpose

    May i ask if that happen to you once in a while or all of the time?

  2. Yes. The app is good, that's what I use on my phone.

    But they have one big problem, after recording your video, if you don't upload it somewhere within 24hours the video will delete itself.

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