How To Download Instagram Photos On Android and On PC

Have you ever came across an Instagram feed full of beautiful photos and wonder on how to download those Instagram photos so you can keep and admire them later? or Perhaps you’re looking for a way to back up some of your Instagram photos on your PC or may
On this article we will be sharing with you a detailed and interesting guide on how you can download Instagram photos from any user, that is; be it your own Instagram handle account or another Instagram user handle account. +Download+instagram+photos


Instagram is a very popular photo and video sharing social media platform which allow it’s users to share with the world. However Instagram as at the time of publishing this post only allows user to Upload Photos but does not support downloading the Photos unlike Facebook.

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This simply means if you saw a very interesting photos on Instagram and would like to download it, there is no way you can download the picture. But guess what?! the solution is finally here from NetSocialBlog.

How To Download Instagram Photos On PC and On Android

Below is how to use the Dinsta online tool to download Instagram Photos on both your PC and on Android;

Step 1. Visit Dinsta Official Website

Dinsta is a simple Instagram photo down loader which allow you to download Instagram photos on your PC and keep them.

Step 2: Now go to your Instagram feed. Then Copy the LINK of the Instagram photo you would like to download

Step 3: PASTE the link you copied from the Instagram photo page into the field box on Dinsta Website

Step 4: Now after you’ve pasted the link, now click on GO! And a page to download the photo or video would be shown to you.
Pretty simple, huhn? Now give it a try!

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