10 Dos & Donts of Social Media For Effective Use and Safety

Social Media is really a great platform and it is one of the best things ever, in this technological age. With the power of Social Media, communication is more faster and easier hence making it convenient for bloggers, digital marketers and/or business owner to reach larger audience!
     However while this tool can be quite useful when used in the right way, reverse might be the case if it is not used judiciously.

On this post, we had garner ten handy things you should and shouldn’t do on social media which we believe would quite be handy for safety and effective use.

10 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts For Safety and Effective Use

*. Dos Of Social Media

1. DO Use Your Real Picture – This is important most especially If you’re planning to use Facebook for more than just fun, that is; using it for official purpose like selling your products and skills.

 This is because the people willing to buy your products or services would like to interact with a real human and the first thing that would make them feel at ease to do biz with you is not your bio section or your work details but your Display Picture.

2. DO Interact With Friends – Do you just add people to your list and after then, do nothing? Well, Social Media is not designed to work like that. It’s a platform meant for interaction although not necessarily means you should send an “Hi Greetings” to every Tom, Dick and Harry on your list.
   But at least, you should try to hit the “Like button” Comment and/Share if you find a post from a friend on your timeline interesting or helpful

3. DO Endeavor To Fill The “Bio” Section – If you’re sending a friend request to someone or someone is trying to find out more about you, the Bio section is the first place they’d look up.
   You can pitch in a short information about you, hobbies and skills here in the bio section. Who knows, you might be discovered by what you’re searching for;)

4. DO Post Useful Resources – Whenever you came across a special resource online which you think would quite be helpful to your friends, do you share it with them or just ignore and walk away?!
   This useful material might even be a blog post like the one you’re currently reading now at NetSocialBlog or something else – could be pictures, articles, videos or even slideshow

   When you share Useful Resources on Social Media, you would be known for it and this can fetch you good reputation which is good for your business visibility or skills’ awareness. However ensure the info you’re sharing is in line with your interest and also would be interesting to your friends too.

 5. DO Take A Break – Even though Social Media is great and fun, it doesn’t implies you should spend the whole day in front of your screen and giggling at the social activities going on there. Try to give yourself a break from Social Media sometimes.

   Take a Walk down the street, Pay visit to your loved ones, breathe in fresh air, do some mini-exercise, whatever, Just try and take a break!

*. Don’ts Of Social Media

6. DON’T Share Much Of Your Personal Info – While Social Media is an awesome platform to talk about yourself, it is highly recommended you do not divulge much info especially personal ones.

 Personal data like the time you goes out, come in, take a bath, go to work, etcetera. This is simply because these info might be used against you by perpetrators!

7. DON’T Think of Harming Someone’s Reputation – Social Media spread news like Wildfire and whether you intentionally do harm someone’s reputation or unknowingly do it, it would be very hard to make amendment if you later give it re-think.

  You can only report those that tried to scam you or do something bad to you and also before that, be sure your evidence are concrete as sometimes things might not be what we thought it exactly was.

8. DON’T Talk About Yourself All The Time- I know Social Media ought to be a place where you’d just catch fun, share pictures of you skydiving, cooking, swimming or to tweet about how your friend spilled drinks on her body in a party BUT wouldn’t the media be so boring if everyone is doing that?!

    If you’re fond of talking about “me, me, and me” on Social Media, try to take a break and fill in the space with the No #4 Do’s of Social Media mentioned on this post.

9. Do NOT Add People Unnecessarily To Irrelevant Posts/Group – Doing this can be so annoying as it sort of seems like you’re intruding the person’s privacy since they would be receiving constant notifications from the posts/groups.

    The cons of this is that the person might decide to block or unfriend you and if she doesn’t do these two, there are high chances that your future posts (even if interesting) would be ignored by the person.

10. DON’T Be Too Aggressive – Social Media consists of people outside your tribe, your religion, your country, mexico continent and all these simply means those who do not share the same perspective with you. Hence, you should respect others’ opinion on a particular subject and if you are to disagree, do not be too aggressive when pitching in your points.

   This is very important especially if you work for a brand, an employee or a Celebrity because of your reputation.

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