Disadvantages of Blogging For Students [The Untold Truth]

Although like i earlier mentioned on this blog, there are lot of benefits attached to blogging for you as a student, in which the benefits are not only about money but in some other ways too –including your career. You can go over the article titled advantages of blogging for students for details.
But then, there are also the cons of blogging as a Student in which perhaps; maybe those cons are the major reason why there seems to be few numbers of students venture into blogging.

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5 Major Challenges/Disadvantages of Blogging for Students

1. Expenses – Although there are several online platforms out there for blogging, but quite most of the times, the choice usually boils down to the two big fishes which are either Blogger or WordPress. Although you can still use these two platforms for free without bearing any cost but if you would like to have more fun on them, you’ll need to pay for certain things on them.
Like if you wanted to get serious with blogging right from the start, you’ll need to purchase a domain name for that of the Blogger Platform and if you’re planning to use WordPress, there is the need to pay for Hosting fee.

The expenses doesn’t stop there, as you’ll also have to subscribe to a reliable data bundle to access the internet, pay for a cute design for your blog, increase bandwidth on self-hosted WordPress site, and some other miscellaneous fee. Since as a student, you already have lot of things to pay for in school, it could be a little bit hard adding blogging expenses to your list.

2. Time – Time is an important factor that can’t be ignored. And the fact remains the same that; you can’t just start a blog today, slap in some articles there and go to bed thinking the next day; money, awareness and some other benefits are going to roll in just like that!
Trust me, you’re going to be disappointed

Blogging requires time to make research on the articles you’re about to put up online (as this is what will determine your reputation), manage social media accounts to manually and automatically share your blog posts, interact with other bloggers in your niche through commenting and following, reaching out to like-minded people and learning more about how blogging works.

As a students, there are already couple of notes to copy, lectures to attend, tests to do, thesis to work on, and whole lots of other formal things related to schoolwork. Finding the time to do all these and manage with blogging (especially if you’re on a niche which requires frequent updates), i think is really a big deal!

3. Distraction – Do you know that; Blogging can be a big distraction to you as a student especially if you’re very bad at multi-tasking? No do not doubt it, it could!

Have you watched the Marvel Movie titled “Spider-man Homecoming”, a continuation of Captain America, Civil War Movie? In the movie Peter Parker, the spider guy while in school is always thinking of what his next mission is gonna be so he could be in action and perform those spidery things.
You might not be Spider-man but just like the spidery things is part of Peter, once blogging is part of you, you might not be able to help it except you trained yourself to maintain priority.
Like for instance; while in Physics class, you could be thinking of something else that you should be doing on your blog at that moment

4. Exposure – I completed my high school something like 7 years ago and I can’t remember if I knew much thing about the Internet back then. In fact I only got to know Facebook towards the end of that year [see my 7 years Facebook anniversary video on Instagram here] and that was through the Globacom website, a popular network provider here in Nigeria.

You might wonder, how do i got to know about Facebook through the Glo website? Well, i actually saw something like connect with us on Facebook on the Globacom website back then and before I knew what was happening, boom! i found myself staring at Facebook homepage.
Comparing the Tunde then to the person I am today, a lot had really changed!

Now the point am trying to drive at is; The internet is really wide –sort of like a global village and you have to be careful so as not to get lost, or get exposed to some things you shouldn’t dig into. Like part of the other side of Internet is the story of Amanda Todd
Blogging needs you to make research, connect, interact, and reach out to some parts of the global village can i purchase online called internet. This exposure could make you become better or worse depending on how you use the opportunity.

BOTTOM LINE: Although some of these disadvantages (or should i say difficulties) can be overcome, sometimes a student could be left with no choice than to go for another option with instead of blogging.

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