How To Control PC From Android Phone Without Internet


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Do you have an Android Smartphone and you would like to use it to control PC, then continue reading.

If you  have a personal computer and at the same time an Android phone, you can use your Android phone to control PC without internet using PC Remote.

What Is PC Remote App All About?

PC Remote App is an application that allows remote connectivity from any Android Smartphone to PC. With over a million downloads from Play Store, the app allows you to control PC using an Android phone and perform various tasks like;

  • Multimedia 〉〉〉 Giving you the choice to play or pause video, adjust volume, likewise zoom UAC Cameras
  • Play Games 〉〉〉 You can also play all kind of PC games that has specific buttons like Race, Fly, GTA.
  • Access to Files 〉〉〉 Do you know you can also get to explore, download likewise edit files between PC and Phone
  • Projector 〉〉〉 Apart from using it to play games, you can use the PC Remote app as a Projector whereby you get to project your phone’s screen, videos and images to your PC monitor
  • Customization 〉〉〉 Above all, the app does not limit you to their own layout design as there is an option to build and customize how you want your layout design to be!
  • And anything else you dare to imagine {between your PC and Android Phone} 😉

And guess what! 

This app can be easily connected with your PC via Wifi, Bluetooth or USB.

Having known the cool stuff the PC Remote APP can do, how about we dive in to the major concept which is showing you how you can use this app to control your PC from android phone.

How You Can Control PC From Android Phone Via Wifi Without Internet


The first thing you’ll need to do is Download the PC Remote App for your Android Phone from Google Play Store.

Step 2 ⇒ Now Install the software for your PC from PC Remote Official Page

Step 3 ⇒ After installation on both PC and Android device, open the Android App and connect your android phone to PC via WifiBluetooth or USB.

Now after selecting that option, open your WIFI on PC too and connect it with that of your phone. Once that’s done, then you’re good to go!


Now over to you,

Have you ever tried this app before or you’re using something else but does similar works, feel free to share your experience using the comment box

Also, if you are a first-timer to this sort-of-thing, let us know what you think of it via the comment box.

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