Never Forget A Thing Again With This Notes Mobile App

Many of us would agree that when we wake up in the morning; we always had these list of tasks and things to do before the end of the day. However due to the enormous information we processes every single second; we tends to forget some of these important tasks. This is where the Notes Mobile App comes in 😉

With this beautiful android color notes mobile application; you need not to worry anymore as you’d be able to remember your tasks and achieve your goals.

color notes mobile app

What is Color Notes Mobile App?

Color Notes Mobile Application is a beautiful and light-weight android application that allows you to quickly draft your to do-lists and/or tasks of the day so you could remember them. More importantly; the application focuses on productivity rather than unnecessary elements so that you can be proud of your achievement at the end of the whole day.

To give you an insights of what the app is all about; you can check below some of the features it offers;

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What Makes The Notes Android Application Stands Out

Lightweight App

The application is very light and consume very little space of your android phone storage. As at the time of writing this article; the application size varies on different device but consumes just 4MB on my phone space

Sticky Notes

You can actually decide to sort out your important tasks of the day and stick it to the Homescreen of your device so you wouldn’t forget

Beautiful Interface

One of the interesting thing about this mobile app for daily notes is that; it doesn’t have a dull boring interface. The interface was designed to look pretty with different colors for your important tasks so you can easily be able to remember them.

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Sync To Cloud

You also need not to worry about loosing your data and important tasks as you can easily tell the app to automatically back up your important to-do lists to the cloud. This takes less than a minute!

CheckList and Notes Style

You can also decide whether you wanted to write a “Checklist of Things To-Do” or an “Important Notes of an Occurence” – whichever one you choose; the app can do that for you.


Who are the Color Notes App Designed For?

Individuals – Whether you are a Students, or a Layman; this app can be used to store important tasks or take notes of some things you don’t want to forget.

Businessmen – Got a Meeting with some group of people or you need to send a mail in the next 5 hours? You can use this app as a Note of what you wanted to send as well as a reminder.

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Bloggers and Publishers – Ideas come within a twinkle of an eye and goes away like The Flash in DC Comics. If you got an idea you don’t wanna risk forgetting; this app can help you store it.

Web Designers – If you are a web designer who designs lot of websites; you might want to have this app so you can store some of the tools you’re going to need, the neccessary plugins as well as the wordpress themes you’re planning to use.

FreelancersGraphics Designer, Storywriter, Web Programmer, Projects Manager, Consultant, Customer support and other Freelancers can also get to use this app.

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How To Download Color Notes Android Mobile Application

To start using the app; Download the Color Notes Mobile App From PlayStore

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