Checkout List Of Whatsapp Similar Apps You Can Use

Ever wonder if there are similar apps like whatsapp out there? Thou should note that when am talking about ”similar apps”, i meant social media application like an instant messenger between two users.
Although this thought usually arise mostly in the mind of those whose phone/device doesn’t supports whatsapp, whatsapp supported device users do also question this. Whichever of the two you are, am going to introduce to you whatsapp alternative on this post.

Before i reveals those instant messaging app, let me quickly introduce to you the short history of whatsapp. Whatsapp is a social media application founded by Brian Acton before later being bought and owned by Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook.
However since i’ve earlier talked about Whatsapp History on this blog, i would just go straight to the point to save our time.

Similar Apps Like Whatsapp (Whatsapp Alternative)

  1. Facebook – The first thing i guess would come to a typical person’s mind is that isn’t an instant messenger but a WEB Social Media. While this might be true, one shouldn’t also forget the fact that facebook has an application which a user can sends and receives messages in an instant!
  2. Wechat – The last time i did use this application was on my Nokia Symbian E63 and it was in an attempt to connect with THE BIG BROTHER SHOW.
    Its also a cool instant messaging app with funny and interesting features like finding someone near your location e.t.c.
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  4. 2go – Did you just scoff at the sight of the app name? Believe it or not, it still reigns infact i get visitors from search engine who came down to my blog here to read 2go related article although i personally don’t normally use it.
    To add salts to the wound, someone once told me he can’t remember the LAST TIME he did even login to his 2go account! Yet, this was one of the social app that introduces us to the world of INSTANT MESSAGING!
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  6. Apart from the above mentioned app, there are others like FRIM, NIMBUZZ and co but since i have blur memory of them when i did use them (about some years ago) i Wouldn’t be able to discuss fully how they works!

Have you ever use one of these app before, i would like to hear your thought on which one you like the most apart from whatsapp!
Also feel free to drop suggestion of an instant messaging social app you’re using

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