Change your Blog To .Com

You might asked yourself, Why Should You Want To change to .Com? Here are some of the Benefits of a Custom Domain Name.

Custom Domain Name (Benefits)

1. If you’re on a free domain (Especially) on blogger, your blog might not display the mobile view even though am not yet sure what really cause this but the only way as at now to solve it, is by getting a custom domain.
2. In case you lose your blog or your blog was hacked, it takes less than 2hrs to retrieve it back if you’re on a Custom Domain and have an up-to-date backup of your blog’s data3. Custom Domain changes your blog from to which makes your blog sounds professional, Unique and also makes it easier for readers to remember your blog.

4. When Applying for Google Adsense, it is highly recommended to be on a Custom Domain Name.

5. Make it easier for you incase you want to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress

Ready to change To .com or other TLDS?

How To Change Your Blog to Custom Domain Name (such as .com, .org, .net, etc)

  1. You’ll need to purchase your prefferred domain name choice by visiting a Domain Name Registrar Company. You can use Namecheap (if you are in outside Nigeria), and you can use Garanntor or Domainking (if you are in Nigeria)
  2. Select your preferred domain name choice and make purchase of it
  3. Configure the DNS Propagation and Namservers to connect it your site (This side is a bit technical and we might not be able to mention it right now. But you can do a google search for it)
  4. Now wait for few hours for the Domain name to propagate.
  5. Once the propagation is done, your blog visitors can now access your website on custom domain name 😉

Changing To a Custom Domain Name (The Most Easiest Way)

However if you do not want to get your hands dirty doing all those technical junks and bits, you can let the admin of NetSocialBlog help you for a service fee. Whether its TLDs, Organization, Business, or Countries Domain, i can do it for you using a TRUSTED, RELIABLE and HASSLE-FREE DOMAIN REGISTRAR.

Kindly note that even though Custom domain’s Service and price is determined by the TLD extensions (.com, .org, .net,, etc) you want. Some extensions are cheaper while some are a little bit high.

=> And guess what?! everything will work perfectly in less than 24HRS?!

Ready to
Change your Blog To .Com,

Kindly use the Subject “Custom Domain Request Service”.

You can also call or text me on +2347030783384

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