Borrow Airtime and Get 1MB For Free From Airtel!!!

In this Airtel Post i will show you how to get “1 FREE MEGABYTE” and how to “BORROW MONEY” From Airtel Network


This trick has been working since almost “some months” ago.. But i didnt believe it will still works till now until i try it on one of my friend’s phone. When you press *141*13*1# it will give you 1MB for 1 day for free!! But the disadvantage is that you can only use it ONCE!!! once done, it can never be done again!!

HOW TO BORROW MONEY FROM AIRTEL=> This can be used in case of emergency..maybe you need a credit urgently and you can’t find one at your area.. Then you will just borrow credit and when you have load card.. They will deduct the amount you borrowed. To borrow credit, just dial *500*AMOUNT YOU WISH TO BORROW#.

But the disadvantage thing is that it won’t work on all sims only old sim that have been used for at least a year. You can try your sim now though and leave a comment.

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