When will Google Stop and Shutdown Its Free Blogger Service?

Although Google Blogger Product had been quite around for a while; some of its users worry about the future of the Blogger Service thus querying: when will Google Blogger blogspot shutdown?

While a lot of people are hopeful that the Blogger Service will stay as long as forever, some feels the Blogspot Blogging Platform might end its tenure soon.

On this article; you will get to discover what Blogger Service is, and whether the Blogspot service will end soon or not.

When Will Google Blogger Blogspot ShutDown

when will blogspot shutdown

What Is Blogger Blogspot Service?

The Google Blogger Platform which was originally founded in 1999 is one of the oldest blogging platform ever. After being acquired by Google in 2003, the blogging platform had gone a really long way in terms of improvement and design.

Blogger Blogspot Service is a platform that allow users to create a beautiful blog that fits their style.

In terms of design; the platform also has more than 20+ beautiful themes with different layouts for users where to buy in australia to customize their blog. Apart from that; there are wide range of 3rd Party themes to take your blog design to the next level.


How Do I Start Using Blogger Blogspot Service?

You can start using the Free Blogger Platform by following the guide here. All you need is a Google account also known as Gmail


How Soon Will Google Blogspot ShutDown

Google Blogger is very much likely not to shutdown soon in the nearest future. This is due to a variety of reasons which includes;

  • It is one of the core service of Google’s Products
  • A Win-Win Platform for both Google and Users
  • Just like Gmail, it serve and plays a very important role
  • Blogspot Service has been existing for a very long time
  • And etcetera

In addition; Google had also been working on making the blogger product better by making new updates and changes. Such as the HTTPS for Custom Domain, the New Awesome Themes, and lots more!

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15 thoughts on “When will Google Stop and Shutdown Its Free Blogger Service?

  1. People are still using Blogspot ooh infact i recently came across a post that is raning on Google which is on Google Blogspot Platform

  2. Some websites from blogspot products are still ranking high for their respective keywords. It all depends on their articles and templates.

  3. Of course.. Articles and the theme determine

    As a matter of fact; netsocialblog blogspot URL is still ranking on Google for an article

  4. Google is shutting down Google + and it will affect some features on Blogger. Some of those features are the share buttons for Google + and some other Google plus associated features

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