Blogging News – How To Fix .Blogspot Domain Not Showing Mobile View?

Did you notice domain are not showing mobile view?

The issue of blogger free domain not showing mobile view seems to have started about some few days ago. Initially i thought it was only affecting only a friend’s blog Until i typed the url of about 4 different blogs on .blogspot domain and it was the same.

  • What Could Have Cause this?
  • What causes the bug hasn’t been yet figure out as at now but i believe Google programmers are working to resolve it.

  • Is There A Way To Solve It?
  • Like i said earlier, its a general issue. Trying to edit your template to solve it might make things worse. However, if you’re bent on finding solution to it as quick as possible, you can follow the below Plan B.

  • How To Solve The Issue?
  • The only solution found now is to get to purchase a Custom Domain and if you don’t know how-to, you can Hire the Service of a Webmaster to do it for you.
    Once you’ve bought a custom domain and done the redirection correctly, your blog will be displaying the mobile view.

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