Blogger Update: Blogger Gets New Beautiful User Interface

Google Blogger introduces new beautiful user interface layout for their whole dashboard and post editor for all of the blogspot users.

New Google Blogger User Interface
The New Google Blogspot interface comes with some advanced writing tools as well as introduces new sleek ways to improve writing. Below is a glimpse of the dashboard and some of the tools. We also explain some of those tools there

Google New Blogger Post Dashboard and their Explanation

Google Blogspot User Interface
1. All Posts – This article shows all of the articles that you’ve published on your dashboard all the time.
2. Post Icon – The Number 2 on the screenshot above shows the icon which was generated from the image inside your article

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3. Post Details – This details here shows some of the details of your article such as the date of publication, Categories and whether the status of the article is DRAFT or PUBLISHED.

4. Number of Comments – The details here shows the number of comments in that exact article. So if 3 people had left a comment on the article, you’ll find 3 total comments.
5. Total Post Views – The one here mentioned here the total number of views that you have on the exact article all time. This allows you to know the total number of views the post had generate

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