Blogger Introduces New and Free Responsive Templates

The Google Blogging Platform known as Blogger just came up with a new development and that is the amazing and responsive templates!

New Blogger themes

The default templates on the platform before now were Simple, Dynamic Views, Picture Window, Awesome Inc, Watermark, Ethereal, and Travel in which most people are getting bored of their design hence the need to hire a professional blogger blog designer who will use design and customize it to the blogger’s taste.
Having preview some of the new themes, all i can say is they’re totally cool and the fact that they’re from the platform would make it easier to display very well on mobile devices.

Blogger New Responsive Free Themes

So if you’ve always wanted to explore more about the design of your blog, here is the chance you’ve been looking for! The name of the new Blogger themes are Soho, Emporio, Contempo, and Notable with each of this template having 5 different designs.
   To have a taste of what they’re like, Simply go to your blogger dashboard and Navigate to “Theme” as shown in the arrow located at bottom left below.
   If you are having trouble customizing them to your taste, you can hire me to get it done for you at a fee. YOU CAN also download Customised Beautiful Blogger Themes Here
Explore, Choose, Preview and Enjoy!

0 thoughts on “Blogger Introduces New and Free Responsive Templates”

  1. They are nice looking, but have no associated 'directions' and I changed a theme to one of the new themes and all of my content was gone!

    1. Associated directions as how? You mean like Labels and categories?
      Regarding your content being gone; I don't think they would be gone but might be twisted a little bit due to changes in template.
      When you change a current template, that is bound to happen. One would then have to design and customize it to your taste

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