5 Super Advantages Of Blogger Cute New Themes

After trying one of the latest blogger cute themes known as “Emporio Blogger Theme” for a while, i decided to share the advantages of the new themes over the previous themes here on NetSocialBlog as this would enable some bloggers out there know more about what these themes came to offer.


To make the clarification easier, i had decided to use the “Awesome
Inc Theme(one of the previous theme)” against “Emporio Theme(one of the
newly introduced themes)”. You can see a screenshot of the Awesome Inc
theme from NSB Online Store Here.

Although both the old and new theme’s design are influenced by a blog’s designer, I’ll be comparing them base on their default settings.
Without further ado, let’s get started!

Blogger Cute Latest Themes Advantages Over Previous Themes

1. Stylish and Sophisticated Look: It is of no doubt that Blogger new themes came with a more stylish and sophisticated look than the previous theme. Taking for instance, the “Emporio” theme apart from it’s clean layout also had the share button icon located at every published post on homepage thus making it easier for readers to share a post on social networks whereas the “Awesome Inc” does not have a social sharing buttons at the homepage but inside post body.

2. Gadget Settings: If you do not want a Gadget on your theme, you have no option than to remove it completely on the previous blogger themes. However the latest blogger theme provides the option to hide your gadget by simply “unticking a box provided” if you do not want it to display on your blog.
If you want to show it on your blog in the future, all you have to do is “tick the box”

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3. Extra Customization Options: The new theme also came with a new set of customization options from the Blogger Template (which you can access by going to Theme >> Customize) so your blog can rock better. Example of the additional customization is the Blog title collapsible design, the subscribe button, the search, the Grid layout and etcetera

4. Sidebar Widget Layout: The sidebar layout on the previous blogger themes is sets to one in which whatever gadgets you add there would automatically show on all other pages! However this new cute previous theme came with two sidebar layouts (one for the homepage sidebar and the other for the post pages sidebar).
With this, you can easily decide the gadgets to show on the homepage and the one that will show on post pages.

5. Auto Post Title Before Page Title: When sharing your posts on social networks on being shown on Search engine, the Post title is usually shown after the Page title on Blogger Old Themes except if you edit the HTML codes as it is done for this Awesome Blogger Theme.
Fortunately, the new blogger theme is already pre-installed with the codes to make Post title appear before Blog title.

Bottom Line
Even though there are other hidden benefits, above are the 4 most common advantages over previous themes. In the future on this blog, i will be sharing with you some of the disadvantages too. If you don’t want to without doctor consultation miss this, do connect with NetSocialBlog via the social profiles at the sidebar/footer of this blog.
If you like the current Emporio Theme design of this blog, you can download it via the Custom Emporio Theme Page

=> Now over to you,
What are the advantages of the latest blogger theme you discovered that i didn’t mention on this post?
I would like to hear from you!

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