Attention! Blogger Blogs Using Custom Not Opening + Permanent Solution

If your blog is on the Blogger platform and using Custom Domain, then you really need to read this post till the end as all Blogger Blogs Using Custom Domain are currently not Opening.
But you need not to worry again, as you’ll get to learn what really happen and the permanent solution to this mysterious development from this post

sad not opening


When Did Blogger Blogs On Custom Domain Stopped Working?

On October 1st, 2017; Jide Ogunsanya first shared Blogger Blogs Using Custom Domain Not Opening on Ogbongeplanet in which he mentioned about how he’s experiencing request timed out whenever he tried to access any blogger blogs.
Although am not sure if the issue began on that day but i presume it must have been either the end of the month of September, or October 1st.

Does That Mean All My Readers Won’t Be Able To View My Blog?

No, that’s not quite true.
After a while, it was discovered that the issue is only happening to audience in Nigeria (not sure of others outside the country), using PC and globacom service provider, seems Spectranet network provider is involved too.
Hence, this mean readers using the glo network , Spectranet and/or any other network provider affected won’t be able to view your blog on PC


What’s The Solution To This Issue?

During the time of the incidence, i tried to contact Blogger Support Forum likewise the Globacom network provider to bring their awareness to this issue and find a lasting solution to it but it all proved negative.
Fortunately, the team at Ogbongeplanet came up and device means of a temporary solution. Check it at Blogger Blogs Not Opening On Custom Domain? Temporary Solution


Is there any Permanent Solution, Instead of A Temporary One?

Of course, yes!
I presume the reason why the issue came up is because of some security purposes but still yet, it is still not totally cool.
There are two major permanent solutions to it right now which is either

To “switch over to https” using Cloudflare


move over from blogger to wp


0 thoughts on “Attention! Blogger Blogs Using Custom Not Opening + Permanent Solution

  1. Obviously, Blogger is nice but with some limitations and i must say WP got a lot of features that makes it superb.

    Well, I still use blogger and hope to move to WP soon.

  2. Well-done here bro. Actually, blogspot users do not need to run away because of their custom domain not opening on glo.

    I have a blogspot blog and its doing well. In fact, am not thinking of moving it to WordPress.


    1. This current article you\’re reading also suggest users should use https on their blog most especially with Cloudfare in order to solve the issue.
      And nice blog you\’ve got there too:

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