Best VPN Service Providers to Watch Netflix

Netflix has changed the way people looked at multimedia earlier. It is packed in with a lot of awesome movies & shows for you to binge-watch. The sad part is not all of them are available to watch for Australians. Netflix customizes its content based on the country you are watching from.

To get an access to the US Netflix so that you can break out from Netflix’s Firewall, a VPN connection is used which makes it appear as if you’re accessing Netflix through the United States.


Are VPNs legal to use?

There is completely no harm in using a VPN in Australia & it is legal to watch shows on Netflix. Just make sure like to pick the right VPN service which keeps your data & privacy protected.
    With numerous options available out there, it can be difficult to choose one. So, we have picked the best VPNs in Australia.

Top 5 VPNs in Australia for Netflix

●     NordVPN

Being quite simple for new users, NordVPN is a provider that offers great service with a not-so-great speed. Many of its users complain about the speed, it’s fairly decent to watch non-HD videos. The best part of the service is that they have a huge number of servers in the US & offer full access to the US Netflix leaving you binge-watching amazing shows.

    Their customer service after you subscribe to them is great. They offer 24/7 live chat option when you can discuss your connectivity issues & resolve them as fast as possible.

NordVPN can be bought for around $87 per year.

●     ExpressVPN

Being more expensive than other services, it offers excellent service, faster speeds & supports many different devices in addition to the access to complete US Netflix’s content.

Considering that Netflix is blocking access to some of the VPNs, ExpressVPN is absolutely not one of them. Upon confirming with the customer care executive, he assured us that they are working constantly & are confident that people will be able to access Netflix without any kind of hassle.

ExpressVPN can be bought for around $126 per year considering the service that they offer, it is simply amazing.

●     TorGuard

Unlike other VPN services, TorGuard offers streaming IPs to watch videos uninterruptedly. The special thing about this service is that it offers you only one IP address to buy which you can use whenever you want. You may want to buy the US IP address so that you can gain access to the complete Library of US Netflix. Also, there are negligible chances that Netflix detects you and blocks you from doing so as you are using only one single IP address.

The process of connection is a bit complex initially but once connected, you can enjoy your shows without any interruption. In any case, if your IP address gets blocked by Netflix then they will replace it with another one for free.

TorGuard can be bought for around 12 dollars a month for a non-specific IP address. For a single IP address, you pay half the price upon using the code ‘TGLifeTime50’.

●     VyprVPN

VyprVPN being not too feature rich offers great speed in addition to support for various devices. Considering the speed that it offers, you can watch the videos in Full HD without any buffering.

Please do note that they cannot guarantee the access to US Netflix forever but they assure you of the speed they provide. However, many users have reported no interruptions in their connections.

VyprVPN can be bought for around $100 per year.

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●     VanishedVPN

VanishedVPN, being an Australian VPN very well know what their people want.They claim to india be the most trusted VPN in the world when it comes to accessing US Netflix. They offer speed that is decent enough to watch the content without buffering.

They do not have a live chat support but they have dedicated forums where the customers can get their solution.

VanishedVPN can be bought for around $100 per year.

From the VPNs listed above, choose the one that suits you the best. If you’re still unable to find the best VPN to watch Netflix in Australia then visit a detailed post at VPNAlert. Enjoy binge-watching great shows!

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