2 Best Long Term Methods For Storing Your Digital Photos

Digital Photos are no doubt, one of the cutest thing ever as they help to Preserve memories which can be glance at, over and over again in the nearest future!
   Like remember when your parents took a picture of you when you were a kid, and now fully grown, you’d look at the picture and laugh at the way you look like when you were a baby. How about Weddings, Important Ceremonies, Graduation day, Party, and etcetera, the list is just endless!
    What if there wasn’t anything like Photography, wouldn’t it be impossible to look back in time to see how things really are.

  Now having knew about the importance of digital Photos, how then does one store it for a Long Period of time without having to worry of losing it?

 a digital camera and photos

   No matter how great digital photos are, if they can’t be stored, there is no way one can bring them up again in the future. You might want to say how about printing them out in hard copy but lets assume you capture some memories of about 500 digital photos, would you print all those photos out?!
   Of course, No!
  In other case, Most Digital Camera likewise Mobile Phone do have some sort of storage space though but what if the space got full or you lost your device?

 What Then Is the Best Long Term Method For Storing Digital Photos? 

The answer is simply via Online Storage Medium!
   I could have mention something like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co but those platform cannot give you the total control especially “Privacy” over your Digital Photos. Although Facebook is quite different from the others i mentioned here as it have a privacy settings where you can choose to not let others view your photos.
 Method 1
   To use Facebook as your Online Storage Medium, it is best to create an Album, name the album anything you’d like – I would use My Persona Memories if you ask me what I’d use 😉 
  And do not forget to set the Privacy Settings to “ONLY ME” after you had created your Album
 However if you do not like the idea of using Facebook as your online storage medium maybe because you are sharing your login details with someone else or you just deem it unfit for you, then you should try out “Google Drive”. 
   Google Drive is one of the products of Google which allows user to upload and save their files online and you do not need to register all over again once you had already created a G-mail account. To access google drive online, simply go to drive.google.com
    However Google Drive only offers 15GB Storage space for Free 
The arrow shown above is where you click to create a separate folder (like Album in Facebook) for storing your photos
Why Is Online Storage The Best Method?
  1. You do not need to worry about your device getting lost
  2. You can access your files anywhere in the whole world without carrying anything as long you’re connected to the Internet
  3. Facebook and Google are two best popular web platform and “they have been existing for a long time” hence you can be rest assured that your files are in safe hand

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