3 Top Best Christmas Destinations In Africa

Christmas is around the corner and a lot of people are pretty looking forward to the best ways on how they can celebrate it. To make it more lively; here are top best Christmas destinations in Africa you should definitely travel to.

best christmas destinations

While you can actually have a great time in your hometown during this Christmas season; you’d be more surprised to see how refreshing traveling for Christmas destinations can be.

In order to save you time from having to go through hassle of choosing a place to travel; After booking Your Airlines or Arik Air Tickets, here are some best places for you to go enjoy your Christmas

Top Best Christmas Destinations In Africa You Should Travel To

1. Nigeria – One of the amazing countries in Africa that is rich in culture is Nigeria. Known as African’s most populous country; Nigeria has over 300 Nigerian tribes with each of them having colorful cultures and festivals – with the common tribes of Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani, and Igbo.

There’s the Calabar Carnival Festival – a colorful cultural fiesta which starts from November 31st and runs for a whole month.

calabar festival

You can also decide to celebrate your Christmas in the busy and exciting streets of Lagos Nigeria which is a very interesting city. Christmas and New Year are celebrated with grand style in this city and you would definitely enjoy every second of your stay


      2. Kenya – If you would like to go for sight-seeing and have a deeper connection with mother Nature; you can add Kenya Nairobi to your Travel wish-list. Kenya is a beautiful country located in the Eastern part of Africa and has amazing places for you to explore.

If you have a knack for Animals; you can go explore the Parks to see Wildlife animals from their multiple national parks. Some of these parks are Tsavo National Park East, Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park and etc

mboseli National Park


       3. South Africa – The Southern part of Africa is also one of the amazing place in Africa you can explore for your Christmas travel destinations. For instance; Cape Town in South Africa has a beautiful scenery that which you can feed your eyes with.


From Mountains, Beaches, Vineyards, Parties and etc – There are countless things to do and places you could go without feeling bored. You can also get to enjoy Sky Diving if you know you’ve got the Heart to do it!

Pretty Amazing, huhn?

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