6 Best [Including Planner] Apps College Students Shouldn’t Live Without

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With over 1 million free apps, there is truly a variety to choose from!
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With the rise of technology, students have come up with innovative ways on how to solve their day to day hurdle. With a few coding skills and a membership to the App Store, one can easily publish their app for the masses. With over 1 million free apps there is truly a variety to choose from.

Here the best 6 Apps that all students should have:

1. Any.do

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Time is of the essence!
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People use an average of 9 apps per day, most of them are social media apps. However, here is an app to boost productivity.

No one more than students know how important it is to manage your time, you should always be aware the things to do and at what time. If not you may find yourself missing some classes or failing to deliver on some assignments.

The solution to all this is Any.do, it helps students manage their time effectively. This is done by organizing their tasks. Students are able to come up with their to-do lists and the app synchronizes them throughout their devices.

You can add and delete tasks and thanks to the multi-touch interface you can also use voice commands to do all this plus much more. And the coolest thing about this app is that to delete your entries all you have to do shake your phone.

You can also set priorities to tasks and add a widget to your home screen for easy access.

2. Mailbox
If you have a mail app that fails to organize your mail the way you would want it, then this is the app for you. Mailbox has the capability to arrange your mail according to however you want it. You could, for example, arrange it according to subject by simply creating a folder for that subject.

There are different commands that assist in arranging your mailbox and archiving the chats that you may not need. You can also work on different emails at the same time and set reminders.

The app lets you stay on top of your emails during the different times of the day.

3. Dropbox

Store all your videos, photos and documents in one place and view them from any device

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We all like holding on to the things that mean the most to us, and most of the times our phones cannot keep all these things. The things that college students fear losing is their notes, coursework, and assignments. Enter Dropbox which allows you to store all your valuable videos, photos and documents in one place and you can view them from any device that you’ve synced to your account. You can upload your content anytime from anywhere and the same applies when it comes to viewing.

You can also share links with friends where they can give you a public link to where they might have stored the notes that you need so badly.

4. Feed.ly
Chances are that, as a student, you’ve a hard time keeping up with the current events that are going on around you. This because you have a lot of things that you’re juggling, from classes to assignments and even a part-time job.

Feed.ly lets you get your news on the go through RSS. You can choose the type of news that you want to see on your feed and whenever something happens that’s within your interests, you get a notification.

You can get feeds from various topics, from sports to politics and everything in between.

5. Scribd

Remember that textbook that you want so much but could not find it then you tried borrowing it from a friend but they seem to be always using it even though they aren’t? Well, there is a solution to all this.

Scribd is an online library that helps you get your hands on all manner of books. The interesting part is that these books are from strangers all over the world and they share them for free. You can set up your library to contain different books from different topics or even authors and era.

You can go a step further and share your library with your friends. With all this material, you can even write a 1000 word essay with ease. No more going to the library only to find that the book you wanted has a new temporary owner.

6. Mathway

We’ve all struggled with math, some more than others. Some concepts are just very hard to wrap your head around while others just look the same, you wouldn’t know what to apply where and when. Still, others are just mind boggling! Enter Mathway. This app helps you buy clonazepam 2mg in solving math equations and all you have to do is just point your camera at the equation and voila, the app will solve it for you!

That’s not even the best part yet, the app can go a step further and give you all the steps that came about in solving the equation. The app is capable of solving any math equation and if you don’t feel like taking a picture of the problem, you can always type in manually and the result will be the same.

These are the best 6 apps that you would want on your phone to help you with your day to day activities, from organizing your emails to planning your day and even solving that hard math problem that’s been giving you problems solving!

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