3 Advantages of Gaming

What is Gaming?
Gaming simply means the act of playing video games whether mobile,higher OS or PC. Eversince its existence, it has been having influence in human’s life physically, emotionally and psycologically. The positivity or negativity influence on the Gamer (person who is gaming) depends on the person reaction to it.

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Even though people have different opinions about gaming, i will like to mention the positive impact which simply means “benefit” of Gaming.

3 Main Benefits of Gaming

1. Learning Made Easy: i could remember vividly years ago when i first started my computer trainning. To enable me to quickly adapt to the keyboard without looking at it, my Instructor Mr Abdullahi & Alfa Abeke introduced me to Mavins Beacon Application. Through the gaming within few days, i was able to quickly adapt to the keyboard use.
2. Ability to Solve complex Issue: Taking puzzle or Sudoku game for example. You have to crack and rack the brain before you could get to solve the game. This helps in increasing the IQ thus making it easier to solve complex matter in reality
3. Entertainment: Just like watching movie or listening to music when we get bored, tired .. Video games could serve as a way of relaxing.

Here are the points i could gather for now.. I would love to hear your opinion.

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