Battery Icon Not Showing in Windows 10 (Resolved)

Is your PC battery icon not showing in Windows 10? Here is the final and permanent solution which i found to resolve the issue.


Whether your computer had been showing battery status before and it stopped working – or your own computer had not been showing battery icon at all eversince you’ve started using it, this article will walk you through how to resolve battery icon not showing on your computer.

For those who are wondering where the battery icon of a computer is normally displayed, here’s a screenshot below;

Screenshot pc battery


If you would like to watch the video tutorial of how to resolve this issue, here’s a video below;


How To Fix Battery Icon Not Showing in Windows 10 (100% Working)


There are two methods that which you can use to resolve this issues. The first method is the part where you get to go to the Taskbar settings on your PC and making the PC battery icon show.

To do this; simpy you can follow the method outline on the Microsoft Windows Official Website Documentation.



In case the first method did not work, all you have to do is goto your Device Manager >> Batteries || Then disable your battery driver and enable it back.. See screenshots below for further details;

battery icon not showing


If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

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