Auto Publish WordPress Posts To Social Networks

Did you have a WordPress Blog and wish to autopublish your wordpress posts to social networks? This article shows you use WordPress to auto publish your posts to social media for free (without using Plugin).

auto publish to social media

Does Social Media Play A Big Role On Blogs Visibility and SEO?

Social Media plays a major big role in publicizing your articles as well as increasing the awareness of your blog. As a matter of fact; it has been stated that even though Social media might not have a direct impact on SEO; it still does influence search engine optimization in several ways (Bluecorona Blog).

This is why it is very important for professional blogs to have a social media profiles in order to increase their visibilty; as well as reach. However since we all know it is quite tasking to be sharing articles from one social media to another; how about if there’s a much more easier way whereby things are automatically done?

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Below is how you can connect social media profiles to your wordpress blog for auto publishing latest posts.

How You Can Auto Publish WordPress Posts To Social Networks

While there are several ways that which you can use to automatically publish new posts to social media; this article shows you a way that which you can use without installing any Additional plugins.

If you do not want want to use any additional plugins or go through some complicated process; then you should use the JetPack Plugin.

About Jetpack WordPress

Jetpack is an ideal plugin for site security, performance as well as management. It allow you to see detailed stats about your site, social sharing, Lazy load, related posts, backup and much more. This is why Jetpack is one of the important plugin a WordPress site should have on First Installation.

How To Use Jetpack For Auto publish to Social Networks

Using Jetpack to autopublish to social netoworks is very pretty simple and straightforward. All you need to do is Install the plugin on your wordpress blog. You can download Jetpack plugin here.

. Upload, Install and activate the plugin

. From your WordPress admin dashboard; goto Jetpack >> Settings

. You’ll see some tabs at the header. Click on “Sharing”

. Now select “Automatically share your posts to social networks”

. Connect your social networks and you are now good to go!

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