Unable To Make Calls Despite Having Mobile Credit, Here’s How To Fix It

Have you once tried to make a call on your phone and the latter response you heard from those network provider‘s customer service was “dear customer, your account balance is low. Please recharge to be possible”
Feeling puzzled, you was like ‘buh i still had credit on my phone now’

Well if you had once experienced this kind of thing or its currently happening to you, am 109% sure this post would aid you in solving it and thereby allowing you to be able to make calls back again.

How i got to discover about this is; After the incidence of my super-phone which got spoilt, i manage to hookup with a small one so i can use it to make and receive calls. Then just about some days later or close to a week after i bought the phone, i tried to call a friend in which the reply i got from the network service provider automated voice was that ‘my mobile credit balance is low and that i should purchase mobile airtime in order to be able to make the call.
I retried close to 4 times since am sure that i still had some reasonable amount of airtime on my phone. After the failed attempts, i realized SOMETHING is wrong SOMEWHERE.

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Later on, i called the customer care service which although took lots of time but at the end, a solution was finally profered.
So if you are having Issue with calling on your phone despite that you had credit, follow these 3 simple step;

  1. Step #1 – TURN OFF YOUR DATA
  2. switch off your phone for less than a minute
  3. Now switch on your phone back and try making the call back.

I hope this helps;)

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