Best Android Launcher With No Ads

Looking for the best android launcher without ads in order to customize the look and feel of your smart-phone? On this article; you’ll get to discover some of the launcher out there which you can use for your smart-phone with no Ads.

android launcher with no ads
Best Android Launcher with no Ads

What is Android Launcher all About?

Android Launcher is simply a feature (usually Andoird core feature) which make your android phone look more nice and Awesome. When you tap MENU on your Android phone; those MENU icons are styled by Launcher.

HiOS is the popular and default launcher which comes pre-installed with Tecno Android OS . The HiOS launcher allows a wide range of user customization. It allows you to customize the look and features of your Smart-Phone.

Best Android Launcher Without Ads For Your Smartphone

While the HiOS android launcher seems almost perfect – one thing i do not really like about is the excessive display of advertisements. At first the ads was only shown as an instant app on the top drawer menu but later on; i discovered its showing ads someplace else on my smart-phone.

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So if you are someone who had actually grew tired of the excessive ads or you just wanted to explore another new styles for your phone; then you can go for some of the list of the best android launcher mentioned below.

Poco Launcher Android Launcher

Poco Launcher

The Poco Launcher is one of the most beautiful, simple and flexible launcher out there which is very light-weight and comes with many extra features. The most interesting thing about it is – Poco Launcher is an Android launcher with no ads.

This simply means you can use the launcher on your phone without having to worry about Intrusive advertisements popping here and there on your smartphone 😉

You also get to customize the Menu icons size and as well sorts them in colors arrangement. You can download Poco Launcher from Play Store here.

Microsoft Android Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

The Microsoft Android Launcher is a pretty handy Launcher which comes with lots of pretty cool styles for your Android smart phone. More also; you get to connect your Microsoft LIVE account with the Launcher in order to be able to access your calendar as well as some other misc from your account.

You can as well customize the MENU icons to be bigger, bolder and even decides to show recent APPS at the  top drawer of your android phone. Also; you can set your Android Phone Wallpaper to automatically change EVERY SINGLE DAY.

MORE IMPORTANTLY; the Microsoft Launcher is one of the best Android Launcher with no Ads. To start using the launcher; You can download the Microsoft Launcher from Play Store Here.

Bottom Line

And there goes the top Android Launcher you can use for your Smart phone with no Ads. You can as well check out other Top Best Applications For Your Phone.

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