Android Battery Draining Fast? How To Fix

Have you been noticing that your Android battery draining fast than usual? Here on NetSocialBlog; you’ll find what is killing android phone battery and what to do about it.

android battery draining fast

Android Smartphones are one of the hottest and latest tech phones widely used. With an Android smartphone, you can multitasks and at the same time do some common PC-related stuff. Perhaps one could say what makes Android a populous one is because of its versatility.

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Right here; i will be talking about what drain android phone battery and how to resolve it.


Android Battery Draining Fast? Here’s What’s Killing It

1. Watching Videos

Whether it is watching Youtube Videos using your internet connection or watching videos offline; it is recommended you do be considerate with it. Videos are known to be a combination of Images and Audio hence if watched for a long period of time can drain your battery fast.

More also; it is very much likely that your android phone battery experiences a short-time life cycle if this is repeated frequently.


2. Too Much Usage of Cellular Data or WIFI

Cellular Data and WIFI connection for a very long period could also cause android battery draining fast. In order to increase the lifespan of your android phone battery, you can always turn off your WIFI or Cellular data when NOT in use.

Keeping your Cellular Data or WIFI on all the time is one sure way to send your android phone battery to an early grave;)

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3. Applications Overload

In our previous article on common ways android users are killing their devices; the number 31 common ways is installing too much apps on an android device. Even though Android OS is a versatile operating system with lots of apps out there; it is still best to practice constraint.

You can ensure your Android device stays in good check by installing only App that you’re going to need/use.

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4. GPS Location

The Location feature is one of the core features of an Android Phone. It works with Google Maps and buy priligy online ireland also some other apps in order to tailor experience based on your location. Though i do not it’s a bad idea to leave the location ON all the time; if you deduce that your android battery is draining fast, you can implement this.

All you have to do is SWIPE in your phone form the top and tap the location icon to turn it ON/OFF.

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