AfcOn Cup Finally OuRs!!! We Made It

Does it concern me?? Someone asked.!. Anyone who says that must have been a person from another country.! I mean "am finally happy" that my motherland 'NIgEriA' finally MADE IT in the Afcon 2013 CUP!.!.!.!

Though i don't gain anything materially by taking concern in the Success of the Afcon Cup because they are not gonna pay me any dime. But what made me to take interest in this game is that; according to an Information "NIgEriA had this kind of victory 19 years ago' 19yrs.!. Waoh, thats a long year, they have been attempting to win the cup but all to no avail but at last We made it to the Top today.!.

Am greatful for God for his support on Team Nigeria and all Nigeria Player,Fans and Supporters;- thanks for staying with nigeria.!. I wish "US " ALL Victory and Breakthrough in whatever we lay or have lay our hands on.!.

Up TeaM NIgEriA!!!

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