6 Ways To Fix Adsense Ads Stopped Showing On Your Site [Mobile and/or Desktop]

If you notice Google adsense ads suddenly stopped showing on your site? I presume something must have trigger it either from your end or from Google. However right here on NetSocialBlog, i had compiled some suggestions which i believe might help you solve the mystery.

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5 Ways To Fix Google Adsense ads Suddenly Stopped Showing On Your Site


1. View desktop version if its showing

The first thing you should do is to view the desktop version of your blog to see if adsense ads are LIVE there. This is to ensure and be rest assured that the adsense account is still working and not disabled.

However if you noticed ads are not showing on both desktop and mobile, then check Option No #2

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2. Clear Cache

Sometimes a device browser’s cache could be the one causing mayhem to certain issue. If you had tried option Number 1 and it does not work out, clear your browser’s cache and then try viewing your site again. The Cache might be holding some elements which is preventing the site from displaying google ads
Did that works?
Now let’s move on to Option Number #3


3. How many ads are on your page

Adsense policy emphasize on certain number of ad units on a website page and if the owner of the site violate this rule, there are high chances that ads might not show at all on your page. To avoid this issue, check the number of ads running on your page and if they exceed 3 ads (which is of the same type), remove to meet the requirement of the policy.

For instance; if you are running 3 image ads on your page excluding text and link ads, try to remove one thus making it two image ads.


4. Check Other Devices

Did the issue still persist after following Options Number #1 to Number #3? Maybe it’s high time to try using another device to buy real alprazolam view your blog. The whole fault could be from your device IP hence making it show blank. Tell or use a friend’s device to access your site and see whether things will work out!


5. Contact Adsense For Support

At this stage and if the issue still persists, then this last option might be the best resort after trying all of the above tips. You can tweet to Official Adsense Support on twitter with @Adsense or visit the Adsense Official Forum
Additionally, you can also post your adsense problem on a forum like Ogbonge Planet about the Issue you’re facing for support for support from bloggers or webmasters who might have faced that issue before.

6. Remove all your ads and Replace Them Back Again – More details about this can be read at Fix Ads suddenly stopped showing on webpages.

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