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One of the major reasons why a lot of people prefer WordPress over Blogger is the blog commenting system. This article is about how you can use the same commenting style on your blogger blog via Intensedebate.


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Just in case you are not familiar with the WordPress default commenting; WordPress commenting system consist of usually four boxes with text field. The four boxes which made of text field are where readers can insert nameemail, website and their comment.

This made it lots more easier for even a newbie to comment on any article on a WordPress powered website. However on this post; You will get to learn how to use the same type of comment default style on your Google Blogger Blog using IntenseDebate.

You can checkout the DEMO of the Comment box on

IntenseDebate is a part of the bigger family of services on the web by Autommatic – the same team who are behind the projects and Jetpack. The Intensedebate commenting system makes it easier for your visitors and readers to comment on your article without any hassle.

How To Add WordPress Comment Box Style For Blogger Blog

*. Visit the link at IntenseDebate Website.

*. Signup using the button and fill out your neccessary information.

*.  Now Add your blog that which you’d like the comment box to appear.

*.  Also, you will be require to download your theme from your blogger blog

*.  Now upload the theme you download from your blog to Intensedebate.

*. Once intensedebate had updated your theme, now download and upload to your blog.

However if you ever want to start the process, it is highly recommended your backup your theme first. Also, do ensure you follow due process to avoid any break-ins.


Why Should I Use IntenseDebate On My Blogger Blog?

Apart from making it easier for your readers to leave comment on your site, Intensedebate also make your comment system clean and beautiful.

Furthermore your readers get to have reputation scores, ratings, display pictures and etc. More Also, you can moderate or assign other admins to manage comments.

In addition to this, your readers can comment with their social account like Facebook, Twitter and etc.

P.S: If you had any trouble doing this, Leave a comment below or contact us to do it for you for just $5

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    1. I haven’t tried the Commentluv plugin before – hence might not be able to say something about it. However, you can take a look at the review on the plugin page to find out what people are saying about the plugin

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this information along with possible link and step and step process Great work, Looking forward to get more blogs.

  2. Day by day blogging become very popular and many people take it as a profession as well. This has huge advantages like freedom, good return rate, ease to do etc. This content will me a lot to learn and earn from blogging.

  3. hi, do you have recommended plug-ins or tools for wordpress in able to automatically filter out spam comments?

    By the way great post. I didn\’t know that there\’s a stylish way to add comment boxes.

      1. Hi, Tunde Sanusi Titan Anti-spam & Security is not bad either. And have comprehensive results.

        1. I haven’t tried the plugin before but would check the WordPress plugin repository to find out about it.
          Thanks for the recommendation

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