How To Add Footer Links On Your Blogger Blog Easily Using Html Code!

Have you ever wanted to add footer links to your blog but not sure of how to do it? Or perhaps maybe you found some tutorials online through google search tool about it but was just far too complicated for you to implement :/
Worry no more as you’re about to read the fastest and easiest way to add footer links using HTML code on your blogger blog!  Before we proceed, in case you do not know or just to confirm, below is a screenshot of NetSocialBlog’s footer links

On this blog post, i will be sharing with you how you can apply the same on your blog too;)

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How To Add Footer Links To Your Blog Using Simple HTML Code

Step 1. Copy the HTML Code below first

<a href=”YOUR-LINK HERE”>About</a> | <a href=”YOUR-LINK HERE”>Sitemap</a> | <a href=”YOUR-LINK HERE”>Submit Post</a> | <a href=”YOUR-LINK HERE”>Contact</a> | <a href=”YOUR-LINK HERE”>Advertise</a> | <a href=”YOUR-LINK HERE”>Privacy Policy</a>

2. Click on Layout In Your Blog’s Dashboard and then Add Gadget as shown in the screenshot below

3. Once a pop up show up, click on HTML/JavaScript as the Widget you wanted to add

4. Now paste the code you copied from Number 1 and edit the YOUR-LINK HERE with your blog’s url and Save.

5. Now drag the Widgets to the Footer of your layout and Save Arrangement!

If you are interested in adding the social network icons below NetSocialBlog’s footer links, then Visit the Social Media Adjustable Widget Page!
So there you go!

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