How To Activate ATM Mastercard For Online Transaction

If you’re having issue using your ATM debit card to make online transactions, then it probably means the ATM card is not activated for online transactions yet.

In order to start using your debit card for online transaction, you would need to activate your ATM card be it MasterCard, Verve-card, etc for online transactions.

On this post, you’ll get to learn the right and easiest way to activate and enabled your ATM debit card so you can use it for making online transactions.

Internet is one of the best thing to ever happen as it had make task, communication, transaction, Online shopping and etc lots more easier and faster. With the Internet, you can easily buy something from wherever you are in the world and have it delivered right away to your doorstep!

That remove the hassle of having to walk in to a physical store

However since most online transactions which requires payment are made with the use of Debit card, it is extremely important to have your ATM card enabled for online transactions.

Without enabling your card for this, you might have difficulty using your Debit Card for online transactions anytime and anywhere.

To solve that, i had prepare an article on how to activate your Firstbank Debit card likewise all other Banks Debit Card for online transactions using an ATM Machine.

How To Activate ATM Card For Online Transactions

  1. Visit an ATM Machine nearest to you
  2. Insert your Debit card into the machine
  3. Select “Quickteller” and then “Pay Bill”
  4. Now choose your “account type” – whether it is savings, current or credit
  5. Select “Others”
  6. A screen will appear asking for “Payment Code”, enter 322222
  7. The next option will ask for “Customer Reference”, enter your “Phone Number”
  8. Now accept the N1.00 amount displayed
  9. Follow prompts to complete transaction


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After following the processess mentioned above, you will be able to use your card for any online transactions!

However if you’re still having issues, you can TRY USING A VIRTUAL CARD INSTEAD

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  1. Will the options you wrote like quickteller and others appear on all ATM machines around the globe?

  2. Zaayem Joseph Ayila

    How long will I start using the card for o line transaction after the procedure??

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