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The Blog’s Mission and Aspiration

NSB mission is to add values to her audience by teaching them something new and/or solves problem. With this aspiration, the platform had bagged an Award likewise been featured on Online Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories
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Why NetSocialBlog, and not another Name?

Initially the founder of this platform was using a domain name of his nick which he later felt wasn’t cool with the technology niche, thereby moving the domain name to someplace else and registered NetSocialBlog for the tech niche.
    NetSocialBlog is dedicated to helping Bloggers, Tech Enthusiast and Social Network Users by providing quality articles on Blogging, Technology, and Social Networking.

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About NetSocialBlog Chief Editor & Admin

Tunde Sanusi Tuham


My name is Tunde Sanusi nick known on the web as Tuham.

A Creative Writer, Award Winning Blogger [Konga Verified Blogger Award and Liebster Award Nominee], StoryTeller, and Pro-Blog Designer from the Western Part of Africa, Nigeria.


From Hobby/Curiosity To Profession

Although i have been using other web-based platform but the big break started around year 2012 when i was trying to adapt with Wattpad.com, a platform for writing Stories.

And then out of the blue, I was merely introduced to the blogging platform which is Google blogger by a friend of mine, Adebimpe Abeeb and that was how the blogging journey started. And my first post if i
could remember well, was a scramble of what i had once written on a
notebook. It was along the line i became interested in technology and
web research.

Although at first, the topics being discussed were random, design was clueless, and post were ill-structured but as time goes on, i learn the right way to do things through Trials, Research and Experimentation.
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